Health Benefits Of Kutaja Lehyam

Ingredients And Health Benefits Of Kutaja Lehyam photo

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A traditional herbal remedy known as kutaja lehyam is excellent at treating several medical ailments. The lehyam can manage Kapha and Pitta doshas.

  • Treat bleeding piles

    Kutaja lehyam can manage bleeding piles by checking the secretions of mucus and blood.

  • Boosts immunity

    The immunomodulatory properties of Kutaja lehyam can boost immunity and act as a rejuvenating agent.

  • Treat Dystentry

    Kutaja lehyam can manage Dystentry due to amoeba.

  • Treat worm infections

    The antibacterial proeprties of Kutaja lehyam treat ringworm, itching, and other conditions.

  • Treat urinary tract infections

    The diuretic proeprties of Kutaja lehyam can manage urinary tract infections naturally.

  • Treat digestive disorders

    The digestive properties of Kutaja lehyam enhance digestion and treat gastritis.

Kutaja lehyam is a traditional herbal remedy to treat bleeding piles, digestive disorders, diarrhoea, etc.