Health Benefits Of Musli Khadiradi Kahayam

The Role Of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam In Treating Gynaecological Disorders photo

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Musli Khadiradi Kashayam improves body strength and treats various health conditions like gynaecological and skin disorders.

  • Treat immuno-modulatory diseases

    Musli khadiradi kashayam is rich in antioxidant and immuno-modulatory properties that help to improve the body’s immunity and strengthens the reproductive system both in males and females.

  • Treat Urinary Tract infections

    Musli Khadiradi Kashayam is rich in diuretic properties that can manage Urinary tract infections.

  • Treat Leucorrhoea

    Musli Khadiradi Kashayam is rich in astringent properties that can control heavy bleeding in women and purify the blood.

  • Treat Diarrhoea

    Musli Khadiradi Kashayam is rich in absorbent properties that can treat diarrhoea. .

  • Treat imbalance of Pitta dosha

    The astringent properties of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam help to pacify aggravated Pitta dosha.

  • Treat irregular periods

    The rich antispasmodic properties of Musli Khadiradi Kashayam helps to get rid of painful periods, irregular periods, etc.

Musli Khadiradi Kashayam is very effective in managing common gynecological disorders.