Health Benefits Of Vajraka Ghrita

Significance Of Vajraka Ghrita In Ayurveda photo

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Vajraka ghrita s widely used in Ayurveda to treat:

  • Fever

    Vajraka ghrita's antipyretic effects are highly beneficial in treating fever. It aids in reducing body temperature and the natural treatment of fever.

  • Herpes

    The anti-viral properties of Vajtaka ghrita are found very effective in coping with herpes.

  • Liver diseases

    The hepatoprotective properties of Vajraka ghrita protect the liver from various infections and improve liver functions.

  • Skin diseases

    The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Vajraka ghrita protects the skin from various bacterial or viral infections.

  • Blood diseases

    The antibiotic properties of Vajraka Ghrita finds very effective in treating blood infections.

Vajraka ghrita is very effective in treating fever, skin diseases, blood diseases, liver diseases, and herpes.