Vaidyar.com helped me find and Ayurvedic doctor for the specific needs so easily. The video call with doctor was on time as scheduled. The prescriptions can be purchased within from a website if you are in North America. I highly recommend vaidyar.com for all your Ayurvedic needs.

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IT, New York


One of my friends referred thevaidyar.com to me. I did grow up with the following home remedies and Ayurveda. It was difficult for me to talk to Ayurveda doctor once I moved to USA. I think thevaidyar.com helped me to schedule an appointment and talk to them on google chat. And the doctor I did talk was very knowledgeable and spent more than enough time compared to what I expected.

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Very nice experience. Consulted the Doctor through theVaidyar.com, Addresses the issues professionally. Happy with the doctor as well as theVaidyar.com. The Doctor is very approachable and makes the patient very comfortable. A forthright and pleasant doctor. The Doctor sent me the medicine too. Will recommend theVaidyar.com to others who want to consult ayurvedic medication.

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Rajeev Kumar

Government Employee, Jharkhand, Bihar


I did use Thevaidyar.com and really easy steps to do the appointment and doctor was very knowledgeable. Hope this really helps other people who can’t physically go and meet the doctor.

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Dinu M

Ernakulam, Kerala


Ayurveda, the traditional medicine which our ancestors prefer to use for most of the diseases. The trademark of Ayurveda is always, no side effects as such. Now a days the challenge to get good Ayurvedic doctors to consult near to our house. So people started to using allopethic medicine which will give compartitively quick relief but always side effects major concern. When I heard about this site, my first doubt was how effective this could be as importance of doctor patient relations is to understand the patient better, the way of life, history of patient etc. When I had first appointment with Vaidyar.com, it give me the clarity to that, they have the mechanism to collect patient details prior to appointment, then consult with pool of doctor and based on areas of expertise, correct doctor will be assigned for each case. Especially in the current era of covid, it is very good attempt and I appreciate the effort behind this. My first appointment for mother and second was for my wife, both are recovering well. Thanks and all the best Vadyar.com team.

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Pramod S

Software Engineer, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


In the present situation, "The Vaidyar" is the perfect solution for anyone who loves and prefers "Ayurveda". The talented pool of doctors and the easy process flow, is really helpful for people. We get expert solutions and answers for all the medical queries at any flexible timings.
A happy customer...Really nice experience...Good luck and tons of best wishes for the team behind this Online consultation platform

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Retheesh R

Software Engineer, Alappuzha, Kerala


I heard about the website: thevaidyar.com through one of my friends. I feel that the site is user-friendly. I was suffering from an allergy and as per the instructions of the site, I consult a doctor. He has done check-ups and given prescriptions. I started using the medicines as the doctor prescribed and I got relief from the disease. I am very happy with the service.

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Bank Employee, Thrissur, Kerala