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Bhringadi Exquisite Hair Treatment Oil

Bhringadi Exquisite Hair Treatment Oil

699.0 INR

Bringadi Hair oil from Tatsat is our herbal corrective tonic which has all of the necessary ingredients as described in the classics, ensuring that your strands receive remarkable repair. It caters to a wide range of needs, from gentle rejuvenation to complete nourishing of hair strands.
The unique blend of 12 ingredients in precise proportions, has their own set of benefits for giving out the amazing outcome of healthy hair follicles free from damage. The natural intermix has no parabens or mineral oil being true to our natural formula.
Bringadi’s secret is a tried-and-true ayurvedic formula that incorporates a timeless blend of natural elements under strict hygienic conditions. The 12 nutritious herbs are steeped and mixed into an Ayurvedic recipe which will make their way to the glory of healthy hair.

Category: Hair Care


Indigofera tinctoria : Neela
Eclipta alba : Bringaraj
Centella asiatica : Indian pennywort
Aloe indica : Aloe Vera
Cardio spermum
Embelica officinalis : Amla
Datura alba
Saussurea Lappa (Indian Costus tree)
Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Liquorice)
Acorus Calamus (Sweet flag)
Plumbi Sulphuratum
Camphoranes Eberm (Cinnamon)


Keep away from sunlight.
Keep away from children.

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