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Holistic Ashwagandha

Holistic Ashwagandha

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THE ONLY ASHWAGANDHA TO BE 100% SOLUBLE: The human body is made of 60% water, which makes it important for any Ashwagandha supplement to dissolve in water so the benefits are made available to the body. Regular Ashwagandha fails to dissolve owing to the bigger particle size. Holistic Ashwagandha is converted into nanosize using advanced nanotechnology to make is 100% soluble in the human body.
NANO-FORMULATED ASHWAGANDHA FOR HIGHER ABSORPTION: Holistic Ashwagandha contains nano-formulated Ashwagandha extracts. This accounts for higher bioavailability, i.e, higher absorption of Ashwagandha in the bloodstream, to deliver all the benefits Ashwagandha holds.
HELPS BOOST ENERGY AND IMPROVES WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Holistic Ashwagandha is proven to help reduce cortisol levels that are known to inhibit muscle growth, cause sleeplessness and body stress. Holistic Ashwagandha also aids in increasing muscle mass and strength, enhancing muscle recovery between workout sessions, promoting endurance, increasing energy, thereby improving overall workout performance.
AIDS IN DEALING WITH STRESS AND ENHANCES MOOD: Holistic Ashwagandha lowers the levels of stress hormone – cortisol in the body, thereby aiding in stress relief. The anti-inflammatory property of Ashwagandha also helps in improving mood and reducing stress.
BOOSTS MEMORY AND IMMUNITY: Holistic Ashwagandha increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain that are associated with memory function. The amino acids, peptides, lipids and bases of nucleic acids in Ashwagandha together with the antioxidant nature of Ashwagandha, aids in increasing immunity.

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