Importance Of Keeping Ayurvedic Medicines At Household

Importance Of Keeping Ayurvedic Medicines At Household photo

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. The main aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health and wellness, not fight disease. It also helps to make a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

According to Ayurveda, every person is made of five basic elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies called doshas, and they control how your body works. They are Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Each one controls different body functions. The consumption of Ayurvedic medicine helps to balance the dosha in the body very effectively. Ayurvedic Medicine includes some herbal–mineral formulations with diet and lifestyle modifications also.

Why Is It Necessary To Keep An Ayurvedic Medicine At Home?

The Ayurvedic treatment combines products, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Goals of treatment help a person by eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing disease resistance, reducing worry, and increasing harmony in life. Herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine, such as turmeric, ginger, and neem, are now recognized as beneficial for heart health and antioxidant boosters.

Some of the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines include:

  • Stress Booster

    The main ingredients in Ayurveda helps to manage the Vata, pitta, and Kapha levels in the body. This helps in maintaining a healthy immune system.

  • Helps in weight loss

    Ayurveda helps you reduce weight without affecting your physical and emotional stability. Ayurveda prescribes a diet to reduce weight loss. The diet plan helps us to give the following results such as detoxifying your body, removing excess fat from tissues, skin purification, and toning removes body odor, regulates blood circulation, and reduces cholesterol.

  • Balances Hormones

    The most important benefit of Ayurveda includes the hormonal balances which result in a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy-related issues. Ayurvedic treatment for regulating the menstrual cycle involves detoxification of your body, getting enough rest, regular exercising, and Abhyanga (Starting the day with a full body massage).

  • Reduces Inflammation

    Inflammation is usually caused due to poor diet and lack of sleep. The herbal contents in Ayurvedic Medicines help to treat inflammation.

  • Removes bad toxins from the body

    The basic purpose of Ayurveda is that it cleanses the mind, body, and soul. The Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda helps to remove bad toxins from the body and thus maintain the normal functioning of your body. Not only that, a full body massage will rejuvenate your body and keep the body functioning normally.

  • Reduces Risk of Diseases

    Ayurveda treatment will reduce your risk of diseases because Ayurveda gives more importance to prevention than cure. Ayurvedic medicine detects a disease even before you could get it and provides preventive measures to control it. Having a healthy diet, sunbathing, and breathing exercises will help you avoid the risk of developing any disease.

  • Benefits Overall Health

    Ayurvedic system of medicine focuses on the individual rather than the disease itself. It helps the body both internally and externally. The herbs present in Ayurvedic medicines have inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can prevent you from diseases or illnesses.

  • Healthy skin

    If you want to make your skin look healthy and radiant you can switch on Ayurveda. Ayurveda prescribes consuming a lot of leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, and cucumber that are easy to digest and help in glowing skin. Leafy greens have to purify properties that can make your skin look young and bright.

  • Cures Insomnia

    Ayurveda helps to cure undisturbed sleep. What you have to do is simply rub some jasmine or coconut oil on your scalp and feet and then consume a warm glass of almond milk. This simple remedy helps to cure insomnia.

  • Reduces Bloating

    Bloating usually happens when you are eating too much and that disturbs bowel movements. It is caused due to excessive production of gas that can cause severe pain, feeling stuffed, and discomfort. Ayurveda can manage bloating and aid in good digestion. Ayurvedic herbs, spices, and roots such as cardamom, ginger, and cumin can cure indigestion in the body. To get rid of bloating simply chew cumin along with some ginger and this will aid indigestion.

Some of the benefits of Ayurveda include, it acts as a stress booster, helps in weight loss, balances hormones, reduces inflammation and bloating. It also reduces the risk of diseases, removes bad toxins from the body, cures insomnia, etc. Ayurvedic medicines benefit overall health and are good for healthy skin.

List Of Essential Ayurvedic Medicines To Keep In Your First Aid Box

Most of us have held first aid boxes in our homes with medicines that are useful for common health ailments. Here, mention the essential Ayurvedic medicines that you should have in your medicine box.

  • Chyawanprash

    Chyawanprash is one of the most popular Ayurvedic Medicine with sweet and sour dark brown, viscous paste with a jam-like consistency. It is made up of honey, ghee, sugar, and a combination of different herbs that work together to improve immunity. Taking one tablespoon of this medicine twice daily with some warm water or milk helps to improve your resistance and stay healthy.

  • Triphalachurna

    Triphalachurna is an Ayurvedic medicine made up of three major herbs – Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. Together, these herbs act as a powerful remedy for indigestion, relieve gas, and ensure appropriate detoxification. Consumption of this medicine helps to improve your digestive system and also acquire glowing skin, brighter eyes, and a stronger immune system.

  • Ashta Choornam

    Ashta Churnam is a combination of eight different herbs. The main ingredients are cumin, asafetida, ginger, and black pepper. These herbs work in combination to improve the digestion of food and hasten the removal of the gas formed during the digestive process.

  • Avipattikar Churna

    Avipattikar Churna is an Ayurvedic medicine that is made up of 14 herbs including amla, cardamom, and Triphala that help to relieve the distress of hyperacidity. This must be taken in the prescribed doses along with milk or honey as directed by your physician.

  • Ajwain Ark

    Ajwain is seen in every Indian household that has a lot of health benefits. Ajwain Ark is an aqueous extract of ajwain which has strong carminative properties. Ajwain contains a volatile oil that helps to expel the gas from the stomach and intestine and therefore, this product is very effective against flatulence.

  • Lasunadi Vati or Gutika

    One of the major ingredients of Lasunadi Vati is Garlic. It is a very effective Ayurvedic remedy for indigestion, stomach pain, and diarrhea. This preparation also contains other herbs such as cumin, rock salt, and asafetida, which makes it effective against gas, too.

  • NeemGhrita

    If you are suffering from skin irritation or itchy skin Ayurvedic medicine is the best remedy to follow. Neemghrita is such a cream made up of neem oil, Gotu kola, Manjistha, and turmeric. It has a soothing effect and antibacterial properties. Applying this cream to the affected area helps reduce skin irritation and also gives relief from itching. .

  • NarayanaTaila

    It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic oil, works well on musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions such as pain in the joints, pulling pain in the limbs, osteoarthritis, and cervical spondylosis. It is made up of Ayurvedic herbs such as Bilva, Ashwagandha, Kantakari, Bala, and Atibala which make it effective against joint and muscular pain when massaged on the affected area.

  • Pancha tulsi Drops

    Tulsi is one of the most effective natural antibacterial and anti-allergic herbs. Pancha tulsi drops are a product made from five different species of tulsi. Due to its antioxidants, this product has preventive properties against allergy, flu, asthma, and cough. It also helps improve immunity and ensures good health when consumed regularly. The drops must be mixed in the prescribed quantity with water or milk and taken twice a day regularly to see the best results.

  • Bhringarajasava

    Bhringarajasavam is an Ayurvedic medicine that is highly nutritious and works as a restorative. It is a combination of bhringaraj with other herbs such as pepper and cardamom and provides relief from cough and cold. It contains powerful ingredients that are used in the formulation of herbal medicine to improve liver function and also helps to support a healthy metabolism.

Important Ayurvedic medicines you must have to keep in a household are Chyawanprash, Triphalachurna, Ashta Churnam, Avipattikar Churna, Ajwain Ark, Gutika, NeemGhrita, NarayanaTaila, Pancha tulasi Drops, and Bhringarajasava.


The information related to Ayurvedic medicine is based on various Ayurvedic resources. Always consult with the advice of an Ayurvedic practitioner before starting any Ayurvedic medicines for different health ailments.

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