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Respiratory Diseases? Importance of Ayurvedic Medicine Nayopayam Kwatha and Treatments photo

Nayopayam Kwatha is ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Nayopayam Kwatha is widely used to treat Bronchial Asthma and Hiccups.

Nayopayam Kwatha is used to treat Swasa (breathlessness), Hikka (Hiccough), and Kasa diseases. Ingredients of Nayopayam Kwatha are Jeeraka, Bala Moola, Shunthi, and water. Nayopayam Kwatha can be used as a health tonic too.

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Benefits of Ingredients for Nayopayam Kwatha

  • Snehana (Abhyanthara and Bahya Sneha) should be done after Deepana-Pachana. (The process of stimulation of Jaataragni is called Deepana. Pachana does the digestion of Ama but does not increase the Agni. Both Deepana-Pachana removes the Samaavastha and detaches the vitiated Doshas which are adhered to Srothases.) It gives Snigdhatha, Vishyanthatha, Mardavatha, and Kledatha of sareera. Ashtangahridyam describes the combination of Snehapana Pippalyadi Anuvasana Thaila as very suitable for the treatment of PCOS.
  • Pippalyadi Thailam (Oil) is an herbal and Ayurvedic oil, used to treat PCOS with its external application. It also has Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment called Anuvasana Basti. Pippali is considered as Pathya in Yonirogas. The drugs included in the Yoga are Kapha Vatha Samana Ushnavirya, Deepana, and Vathanulomana. The Vatha is considered as the cardinal Dosha vitiated in the Samprapthi of the PCOS.
  • Virechana is another detoxifying Panchakarma that involves the removal of toxins by inducing purgation (increased bowel movements). Virechana is extremely effective in obesity, irregular or heavy periods, hormonal imbalances, skin pigmentation, and the multitude of other symptoms triggered by PCOS.
  • Higuthriguna Thaila is used as the drug of choice for Virechana. As per Ayurveda Hinguthrigunathailam have immune-modulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and free radical unfriendly properties. The combined effect of Snehana with Pippalyadianuvasana Thaila and Virechana with Hinguthriguna Thaila reveals that the treatment is very effective in reducing the menstrual interval. Deepana, Pachana, Kapha Vatahara, Srotoshodhakara and Vathanulomana properties of the combinations and treatment modalities help in normalizing the menstrual irregularities. Vata KaphaHara and Srothorodhahara property of the combinations also contributed to reducing the ovarian volume. Snehapana, Virechana, and diet restriction might have improved the body mass index.

The liquid (kashayam) medicine is prepared based on ancient Kerala Ayurvedic principles.

Indications and Proportions of Nayopayam Kwatha

Indications: Bronchial Asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Proportions: The ingredients of Nayopayam Kwatha are Bala, Jeeraka, and Shunthi in the ratio of 3:2:1 as per Vaidya Manorama and 10:1:1 as per Arogya raksha Kalpadruma.

Uses of Nayopayam Kwatha

  • Helps to treat respiratory diseases.
  • Treats Hiccups.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Postnatal care.


Nayopayam Kwatha is prepared based on traditional Ayurvedic principles. Nayopayam Kwatha is used to treat various respiratory diseases and Bronchitis Asthma. Bala Moola, Jeeraka, Shunthi, and water are the major ingredients of Nayopayam Kwatha.


  • Vaidya Manorama.
  • Arogya Raksha Kalpadruma.

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