Dasanakanti Churnam-An Ayurvedic Dental Care Product

Dasanakanti Churnam-An Ayurvedic Dental Care Product photo

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Dasanakanti Churnam

Dasanakanti Churnam is an Ayurvedic dental preparation in powder form. It can be used as a tooth powder and also massage the gums. It helps in tooth pain and cavities. It is very beneficial for bad breath, dental caries, pyorrhea, and tooth pain. Dasanakanti Churnam balances both Vata and Kapha Dosha.

Ingredients Of Dasanakanti Churnam

Dasanakanti Churnam is an Ayurvedic medicine used as tooth powder. The main ingredients are:

  • Arimeda Steak – Acacia nilotica.
  • Yashti – Glycyrrhiza glabra.
  • Darvi – Berberis aristata.
  • Khadira – Acacia catechu.
  • Gairika – Red Ochre.
  • Maricha – Piper nigrum.
  • Krishna – Piper longum.
  • Jatikosa – Myristica fragrans (Aril).
  • Jatika – Myristica fragrans (Fruit).
  • Kounti – Cubeba Officinalis.
  • Lavanga – Syzygium aromaticum.
  • Ela – Elettaria cardamomum.
  • Twak – Cinnamomum zeylanicum.
  • Karpoora – Camphor.
  • Himambusara – Rose water.

Indications Of Dasanakanti Churnam

Dasanakanti Churnam is very useful for the following tooth disorders:

  • Cavities.
  • Halitosis.
  • Pyorrhoea.

Cavities, Halitosis, Pyorrhoea, etc are treated with Dasanakanti Churnam.

Ayurvedic Properties Of Dasanakanti Churnam

Following are the Ayurvedic properties of Dasanakanti Churnam:

  • Roga karma

    Danta roga, galaroga, talu roga.

  • Dosha karma

    Tridoshahara especially Kapha Hara.

  • Other Gunas

    Kapha Lekhana, Dourgandhahara.

Benefits Of Dasanakanti Churnam

Dasanakanti Churnam is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for all ailments of the teeth, gums, mouth, throat, and tongue. Following are the main benefits of Dasanakanti Churnam:

  • Dasanakanti Churnam helps to strengthen teeth.
  • It is also helpful for treating gum bleeds, cavities, and toothaches.
  • An excellent Ayurvedic tooth powder for all ailment diseases of mouth, throat, and tongue.
  • It treats Halitosis. It is an oral health problem where the main symptom is bad-smelling breath. This Choornam also relieves bad breath, thus controlling odor.
  • Dasanakanti Churnam is very effective at treating pyorrhea. Pyorrhea is an oral condition occurring due to plaque build-up along gum lines. The use of Dasanakanti Churnam reduces plaque build-up.
  • It is an effective remedy to reduce gum inflammation, insensitivity of teeth, and tooth decay.
  • Dasanakanti Churnam balances both Vata and Kapha Dosha. .
  • It may be used as a gargle for swelling on the gum, ulcers in the mouth, etc.

Dasanakanti Churnam Dosage

Take a pinch of the Churnam and apply or massage gently on the painful tooth or gums.In case of bad breath, massage the teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly, and then gargle with water.

Dasanakanti Churnam Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this product.Dasanakanthi Churnam does not cause any harmful effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


To avoid accidental ingestion by children it should be kept away from children.


All the information related to Dasanakanthi Churnam was taken from various Ayurvedic resources. Kindly consult an Ayurvedic practitioner before starting self-medication.

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