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Ayurveda originated more than 5000 years ago in India. Ayurveda ensures a healthy way of life and tries to cure diseases naturally. Ayurvedic formulations are found very effective in curing chronic diseases and pains with their rich content of powerful herbs. As we know, India is considered a motherland of plenty of herbs with numerous medicinal properties.

Chandanasava is an Ayurvedic formulation mainly used to treat Chronic Kidney diseases, urogenital disorders, and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Chandanasava is an Ayurvedic tonic that contains more than 25 powerful herbs. Chandana (sandalwood) and Asava (sweetening agent) are the primary ingredients of Chandanasava. Chandanavsa is rich in medicinal properties which helps to prevent various diseases and improves overall health.

Medicinal Properties Of Chandanasava

Chandanasava is rich in properties like:

  • Antioxidant.
  • Antiulcerogenic.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Diuretic.
  • Antiulcerogenic.
  • Anti-gout.
  • Lithotriptic.

Chandanasava is rich in antioxidants, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiulcerogenic, diuretic, anti-gout, and lithotriptic properties.

Ingredients Of Chandanasava

Chandanavasa is made by combining various Ayurvedic herbs. The key ingredients and their respective quantities are:

  • Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood) - Santalum Album 48 grams.
  • Netrabala - Pavonia Odorata 48 grams.
  • Nagarmotha (Nut Grass) - Cyperus Rotundus 48 grams.
  • Gambhari (Beech wood/Kasmari) - Gmelina Arborea 48 grams.
  • Neel Kamal (Blue water lily) flowers - Nymphaea Stellata 48 grams.
  • Priyangu - Callicarpa Macrophylla 48 grams.
  • Padmaka - Prunus Cerasoides 48 grams.
  • Lodhra - Symplocos Racemosa 48 grams.
  • Manjistha - Rubia cordifolia 48 grams.
  • Lal Chandan (Red Sandalwood) - Pterocarpus Santalinus 48 grams.
  • Patha - Cyclea Peltata 48 grams.
  • Chirayata - Swertia Chirata 48 grams.
  • Bargad or Barh (Banyan) - Ficus Benghalensis 48 grams.
  • Mango Tree Bark - Mangifera indica 48 grams.
  • Mochras (Semal Gond) - Bombax ceiba 48 grams.
  • Dhataki Flowers - Woodfordia Fruticosa 768 grams.
  • Draksha (Raisins) - Vitis Vinifera 960 grams.
  • Sharkara (Brown Sugar - Sucrose Sugar) 4.8 Kg.
  • Gur - Jaggery 2.4 Kg.
  • Water 24.5 Kg.

How To Prepare Chandanasava Herbal Formula

The above-mentioned natural ingredients are stored in an airtight vessel for a month and later undergo distillation to extract the medicine. The medicine can improve overall health and immunity.

Benefits Of Chandanasava

From ancient times onwards, Chandanasava has been used to cure various diseases. Chandanavasa is rich in certain medicinal properties that ensure fast relief from diseases and improves immunity power.

  • Kidney stones

    Chandanasava is very effective in pacifying Pitta dosha, which is the main cause for the development of Kidney stones, especially uric acid stones. Chandanasava helps in reducing uric acid; thereby the occurrence of kidney stones can be prevented. .

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and Pyuria

    Chandanasava is rich in antimicrobial properties that help to kill pathogens that are responsible for the occurrence of UTI. Chandanavasa also contains antibacterial properties; hence various bacterial infections can be prevented.

  • Kidney Failure

    Chandanasava is widely used to treat Chronic kidney failure. The medicine can reduce uric acid, urea, and creatinine levels very effectively. Also, Chandanavasa can prevent various kidney failure symptoms like the burning sensation while urinating, foul smell in the urine, .

  • Pyospermia (Leukocytospermia)

    Pyospermia is a condition in which an unusual increase of white blood cells in the semen happens that affects male fertility. Chandanavasa with some other herbs can effectively reduce pus and improve male fertility.

  • Cystitis

    Cystitis is a condition of inflammation of the bladder. Antibacterial properties in Chandanavasa helps to prevent Cystitis arising due to bacterial infections. .

  • Gonorrhea

    Gonorrhea is a condition in which sexually transmitted bacterium affects both male and female organs. The antimicrobial properties of Chandanasava help to prevent symptoms of Gonorrhea.

  • Hyperuricemia

    Too much uric acid causes the condition of Hyperuricemia. Regular consumption of Chandanasava can reduce the uric acid in the blood.

  • Dysuria

    Dysuria is a condition of difficult urination. Chandanavasa is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help to get relief from painful urination which is caused due to bacterial infections.

  • Improves cardiac health

    Chandanasava is considered the best tonic for cardiac health. Chandanasava is rich in antioxidants that help to improve heart rhythm and oxygen utilization. Also, play an important role in healing cardiovascular illnesses. .

  • A cooling agent

    Chandanavasa is rich in sandalwood, which is a natural cooling agent that helps to prevent burning sensation, hot flushes and night sweats, etc associated with female menopause. .

  • Treats gastro-oesophageal reflux

    The main reason for gastro-oesophageal reflux is stomach acids. Consumption of Chandanasava helps to prevent the excess formation of stomach acids and also treats constipation, bloating, etc. .

Health benefits ensured by Chandanasava are improving cardiac health, maintain body temperature, treats Kidney diseases, Gastro-oesophageal reflux, Urinary Tract Infections, Gonorrhea, Dysuria, Cystitis, Pyospermia, and Chronic kidney failure.

Traditional Uses Of Chandanasava

During ancient days, Chandanasava had been used for the following purposes:

  • Improves digestion.
  • Improves immunity and body strength.
  • Improves cardiac health.
  • Improves nourishment.
  • Prevents symptoms of nightfall.
  • Helps in balancing body heat.

During ancient days, Chandanasava was used to improve cardiac health, improves immunity and body strength, improves digestion, improves nourishment, and helps in preventing nightfall symptoms.

Directions Of Use

The normal dosage of Chandanasava is 12-24ml after food and can be consumed up to 1 -2 months as directed by the physician.

Side Effects Of Chandanasava

There are no serious side effects reported due to the consumption of Chandanasava. However, diabetic patients should take the advice of their doctor, because Chandanasava contains jaggery and sugar candy.


  • Consumption of Chandanasava is best to avoid during the pregnancy period.
  • Children above 7 years old are advised to Chandanasava only in a lower dose.
  • Seek the opinion of your doctor if you are undergoing any allopathic treatments. .

Chandanasava is an Ayurvedic herbal formula widely used in Ayurveda to treat various diseases and for improving


All the information mentioned above was collected from various Ayurvedic resources. Kidney gets the advice of your Ayurvedic practitioner before using any herbs or herbal products for better results.


  • Sharangdhara Samhita.

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