Ingredients And Health Benefits Of Pippalyasavam

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Pippalyasavam is a fermented Ayurvedic medicine that has been widely used in Ayurveda for centuries ago to treat diseases like panduta(Anaemia), kshay (Tuberculosis),udara (G.I trouble), karsya (emaciation), grahani(IBS), gulma (abdominal lump), and arsha(Piles). Pippalyasavam is a complete tonic for liver health. Pippali( long pepper) is the key ingredient of Pippalyasavam. As per Ayurveda, Pippalyasavam helps to pacify Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha. Pippalyasavam contains 5 -10% of self-generated alcohol. The rasa (taste) of Pippalyasavam is madhu( sweet).

Ingredients Of Pippalyasavam

Powerful herbs are the basic ingredients of most Ayurvedic medicines. Pippalyasava also contains a variety of herbs with lots of medicinal properties.

  • Pippali Indian long pepper Piper longum 0.004 g.
  • Maricha Black pepper Piper nigrum 0.004 g.
  • Haridra Turmeric Curcuma longa 0.004 g.
  • Chavya Wild pepper Piper brachystachyum 0.004 g.
  • Vidanga Wawrung Embelia ribes 0.004 g.
  • Chitraka White leadwort Plumbago zeylanica 0.004 g.
  • Musta Coco grass Cyperus rotundus 0.004 g.
  • Patha Pata root Cyclea peltata 0.004 g.
  • Kramuka Areca nut Areca catechu 0.004 g.
  • Lodhra Lodh tree Symplocos cochinchinensis 0.004 g.
  • Tamalpatra Indian Bay Leaf Cinnamomum tamala 0.004 g.
  • Dhatri Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica 0.004 g.
  • Elavalukha Cardamom Prunus avium 0.004 g.
  • Usira Khas-Khas grass Vetiveria zizanioides 0.004 g.
  • Chandana White sandal tree Santalum album 0.004 g.
  • Kushta Costus Saussurea lappa 0.004 g.
  • Lavanga Clove tree Syzygium aromaticum 0.004 g.
  • Tagara Indian Valerian Valeriana wallichii 0.004 g.
  • Mamsi Indian Nightshade Nardostachys grandiflora 0.004g .
  • Twak Cinnamon Cinnamomum verum 0.004 g.
  • Ela Cardamom small Elettaria cardamomum 0.004 g.
  • Dhataki Fire flame bush Woodfordia fruticosa 0.085g .
  • Priyangu Beauty Berry Callicarpa macrophylla 0.004 g.
  • Nagakesara Iron wood tree Mesua ferrea 0.004 g.
  • Guda Sugar cane Saccharum officinarum 2.538 g.
  • Draksha Grape wine Vitis vinifera 0.508 g.

Pippalyasavam is rich in more than twenty powerful herbs with lots of medicinal properties. Pippali is the primary ingredient of Pippalyasavam.

Medicinal Properties Of Pippalyasavam

Pippalyasavam is rich in medicinal properties due to the content of medicinal herbs.

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Immunomodulatory.
  • Carminative.
  • Antihyperlipidemic.
  • Astringent.
  • Detoxifying.
  • Antitussive.
  • Haematinic.
  • Digestive stimulant.
  • Cholagogue.
  • Metabolism stimulant.
  • Mucolytic.
  • Laxative.

Pippalyasavam is rich in mucolytic, laxative, metabolism stimulants, cholagogue, digestive stimulant, haematinic, antitussive, detoxifying, astringent, carminative, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, and antihyperlipidemic.

Health Benefits Of Pippalyasavam

Pippalyasavam has multiple health benefits for the treatment of kshay (Tuberculosis), panduta(Anaemia), udara (G.I trouble), karsya (emaciation), grahani(IBS), gulma (abdominal lump), and arsha (Piles).

  • Treats Tuberculosis ( Kshay)

    The antibacterial properties of Pippalyasavam helps to prevent bacterial infections which were the reasons behind the development of Tuberculosis.

  • Treats Anaemia( Panduta)

    Lack of enough red blood cells in the body causes various health issues. Pippalyasavam helps to restore damaged blood cells into active new red blood cells that in turn helps to prevent anemic conditions. .

  • Treats Piles ( arsha)

    The anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of Pippalyasavam helps to relieve pain and inflammation of the veins in the rectum and anus.

  • Treats Gastrointestinal diseases

    Pippalyasavam can effectively treat Gastrointestinal diseases. Long pepper is the major ingredient of Pippalyasavam that is rich in medicinal properties like analgesic and anti-inflammatory that helps to cure various stomach disturbances effectively.

  • Improves immunity

    The immunomodulatory properties of Pippalyasavam helps to improve our immune system naturally and fight with various bacterias and viruses that are trying to enter our body.

  • Improves liver function

    Pippalyasavam helps in strengthening the liver and stimulates liver function. The amla content of Pippalyasavam helps to expel toxins from the liver also. .

  • Treats anorexia

    The digestive stimulant property in Pippalyasavam helps in easy digestion and improves metabolism; hence anorexia can be treated effectively. Pippalyasavam contains Elvalukam herb that has astringent and coolant properties that are found to be very effective in the treatment of anorexia. .

  • Treats worm infestations

    Pippalyasavam contains Vayavidang herb that has anti-parasitic properties which help to treat worm infestations positively. Also helps to purify the blood by expelling toxins from the blood. .

  • Treats respiratory diseases

    Pippalyasavam is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic properties that help to treat respiratory diseases naturally.

Pippalyasavam founds to be very effective in the treatment of piles, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, anorexia, respiratory diseases, worm infestations, and improves the immunity of the body naturally.

Dosage Of Pippalyasavam

  • Adults can take 15 to 20ml twice a day after meals with an equal proportion of water. .
  • Children above 2 years can take Pippalyasavam in lower doses( 1-2ml with an equal proportion of water) with the consultation of a medical practitioner. .

Side Effects Of Pippalyasavam

There are no serious side effects of Pippalyasavam that have not been reported ever. However, overdosages may cause:

  • Stomach upsets.
  • Burning sensation in the abdomen. .


Intake of Pippalyasavam during pregnancy and lactation period is advisable only with the strict consultation of your Ayurvedic practitioner.


All the information mentioned regarding the health benefits of Pippalyasavam was collected from ancient Ayurvedic resources. Kindly get the advice of your Ayurvedic practitioner before self-medication.


  • Sharangdhara Samhita.
  • Sahasra Yogam.

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